authvchkpw module is no longer supported by Courier authlib

Starting from 0.60.4 authvchkpw module is no longer supported by Courier authentication library.

According to message from Mr. Sam the module was dropped because of lack of support from vchkpw developers. This statement actually contradicts with what Bill Shupp says:

Interesting, Sam ignored my last bugfix that I sent him afaik. And vpopmail always seemed like an annoyance, even though Inter7 hosted all the courier stuff for years, and was an early proponent of courier- imap. Maybe it’s time to move on.

Moreover, looks like Mr. Sam is not happy with qmail in general which, most probably, means authvchkpw was dropped forever.

I’ve been using Courier-IMAP with authvchkpw for almost eight years and was quite OK with it. I don’t agree that qmail is dead and have no intentions to switch to other MTAs in the near future. Having said that I would agree with Bill – it looks like it’s time to move on and do some reconsideration. Next week I’m planning to install Dovecot in a test environment and play with migration from Courier-IMAP. If it all goes smoothly as described in Migration HOWTO I would be ready to switch at once. Not that I feel sorry for this switch (new software – new things to learn), I just don’t think support should be dropped THAT way.

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